MaaS = Meetings as a Service



MaaS = Meetings as a Service


Zero Risk Pricing means that you pay absolutely nothing until a qualified Discovery / Intro appointment happens.

Unlike other "Pay Per Appointment" providers, works closely with you as a full service provider.  We offer full campaign reporting, integrated into your process as you prefer. We believe that the campaign metadata ( #calls vs connects / call result metrics / full call notes ) is just as important to your campaign as the appointments themselves because it provides vital feedback to inform your sales and marketing campaigns.

Turn us on, pause us, turn us off, turn us back on.  We only need 2 - 3 days to start a campaign, mere hours to re-start a paused or stopped campaign.  Whenever you need leads in the top of your funnel, we'll be there.  Whenever you need webinar registrants, show meetings, executive trip appointments, we'll be there.


We drive continuous improvement of your call campaign: 

  • Weekly / Bi-Weekly status meetings

  • Call Triage  

  • List Triage 

  • Lead follow-up.  


We have access to multiple premium contact databases.  If you prefer, we can generate our own call list based on your ideal customer profile and exclusion list.  If you have a list, we will augment with direct and mobile numbers as we execute the campaign.  We provide you all contact lists at no extra charge. 


We absolutely WILL NOT work for your direct competitors while we're engaged in a call campaign with you.  MaaS is designed to be an advantage for you in the marketplace.  Why would we reduce the value of MaaS by selling it to your competitors?



Founders have 25 years experience running outbound call campaigns for B2B technology solutions across the range of verticals.


No matter where your solution is on the technology acceptance curve, within 2 - 3 connected cold calls, we can help you tune your messaging for where your prospects are in their decision process.

We're also good at data, using call metrics to tune the campaign for maximum results.

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SalesOnDemand is supported by a national and global network of seasoned professional SDR's, people who want to be doing this job.  We can immediately access additional resources to meet client demand.


Our CLOSED LOOP process drives continuous improvement throughout the campaign. 

1.  Start with implementing the campaign with a beginning script, list, open ended and probing questions, the framework for a SDR Playbook. 

2.  Execute campaign by calling (a lot). 


3.  Schedule and confirm appointments.  Listen to meetings to learn how you sell and what your prospects ask.


4.  Report call metrics and notes weekly. 


5.  Review call metrics and appointment results either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on client's schedule and needs of the campaign. 


6.  Identify opportunities to course correct, i.e. script improvements, list improvements, process improvements.

Back to 1.  Implement changes


We don't "THROW THE PIG OVER THE WALL" and move on.  Of course as professionals we remind the day before and morning of, we join every call to make sure they show up, we call the prospect to get them on the call or re-scheduled. 


We track and follow up about every lead, learning which ones are moving forward and why, using that to improve the target list and message.  We'll ask to listen in to at least the first few appointments to learn better how you sell your solution and what they say and ask.

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You are not going to find an as experienced outbound calling organization that will offer you zero risk, per appointment pricing with a full client service experience.  Period.


There are many other outbound calling organizations that will charge on a per appointment basis but there will be a catch in all cases.  Most won't want to take the time to report all the data from all of the calls or integrate into your preferred sales reporting process.  Many pay-per-appointment consultancies will want an upfront "bucket" of pre-paid leads or will have "one time" startup fees or even a retainer for "extra work" like reporting or meetings.

We take on the risk so are guaranteed to work harder to make your campaign succeed.  

Top Ten Use Cases That Need MaaS

#1 - You're looking for an experienced outsourced outbound calling partner that you can trust and build a long profitable relationship.

#2 - You need more top funnel but no fixed overhead.

#3 - Marketing is turning up MQL's but nobody is calling them within 1 hour (that's in our SLA).

#4 - You have an event coming up (webinar, trade show, executive dinner, etc) and need registrants or meetings scheduled at shows or events.

#5 - You or your sales executive are going on a business trip and need more meetings in the area.

#6 - You just hired a really expensive sales pro as your first sales executive and you need leads fast to keep them happy and make you the most value.

#7 - Got Turnover?  Most internal SDR teams have a high rate of turnover.  SDR's want to move up, move sideways (some don't actually want to be in sales), or move out.  We can jump in and make up for lost resources while you source and train.

#8 - Got a new product or service and you want to test the market before disrupting the smooth running machine that is your SDR team?

#9 - You are planning to build a SDR team but need leads now, plus wouldn't it be great if you had a playbook to give them? We can help you build your SDR playbook.

#10 - How about a little friendly competition?  Sometimes SDR teams get a little complacent, sitting off the phone refreshing chat and lead pages.   How about some outbound competition? Dual team power hours?  Let's set those phones on fire.


Years of Experience




Extra Fees


Integrated into your Process


Client Satisfaction by the Numbers



Meetings as a Service (MaaS)


$500 per Qualified Completed Introductory / Discovery Call
- No Startup Costs
- No Retainer
- No Pre-Pay
- Invoiced After Appointment Successfully Completed


Other Services Available:
- Webinar / Event Campaign (Registrants or trade show appointments)
- Executive Business Trip Appointment Setting
- List Building (outside of regular call campaign)
- Discovery Calls
- Warm up old leads (schedule follow ups to leads that went cold)
- Host Demo (would require sales engineer support)
- Customer Success follow up calls



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